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Powerful Portable Vaporizers

You want a vaporizer that is portable and powerful. You want a vaporizer with a large loading capacity. You want a vaporizer that can be personalized to your exact vaping temperature.

Introducing the HERO GO vaporizer for ground herb. Powerful, portable, large loading capacity, exact temperature control.


HERO GO Portable Vaporizer For Ground Herb.


The HERO GO uses smart-chip technology and is powered by the highest grade lithium-ion batteries available. This allows the HERO GO to give you super long battery life while maintaining industry leading vapor production.


The HERO GO uses these advancements in technology to allow you to personalize your vaping experience and get the best performance, taste and effects from your personal, portable vaporizer.


The HERO GO is a user friendly, mobile convection vaporizer. With features like a full LED display you can easily see information such as battery life as well as adjust important features like temperature control.

Temerature Control

With the ability to change the temperature from 200°F all the way up to 428°F (93° – 220°C), you can sample the various settings to find the true vaping experience you are looking for!

What Our Customers are Saying

“This HERO GO is perfect. I love the powerful battery and the temperature control that allows me to vape at my preferred temperature. Perfect!”

Jenny J.

Creative Director

“Portable and powerful – this vape gives great vapor and I can take it anywhere. Love it!”

David G.


“Excellent value – this is my 4th vaporizer over the years and definitely the best purchase. Great work, thank you!”

Michelle M.


Welcome to the world of HERO LOVE, we’re glad you joined us!

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