Getting Started With Your HERO GO

Step One

 Ensure all components are included:

1 x HERO GO Vaporizer

1 x HERO GO Pen Tool

1 x HERO GO Cleaning Brush

1 x HERO GO Charging Cable

Step Two

Fully Charge Your HERO GO

Please charge your HERO GO for a minimum of three hours.

Step Three

Remove The Mouthpiece

Grip both sides of the vaporizer firmly in one hand and lift the mouthpiece upwards.

Step Four

Load Chamber

Load with your favourite ground herb. Do not pack too tight! Use a HERO Grinder for the perfect grind!

Step Five

Power On Your HERO GO

Safety First! To operate please press the front button five times to turn on.  Then 5 times again to turn off. This feature prevents the device from accidentally turning on when you least expect it.

Please Remember: Your HERO GO will automatically shut off after 40 seconds, if heat-up has not been initiated.

Step Six

Select Your Favourite Temperature

Use the side buttons on your HERO GO to select your preferred vape temperature.

Experiment with temperatures between 200F and 428F (93C and 220C).


Hold front panel button and upper side button simultaneously for Celsius.

Hold front panel button and lower side button simultaneously for Fahrenheit.

Step Seven

Initiate Heat-Up

Hold front panel button down for one second, release, and wait.

Step Eight

Enjoy Your HERO GO

Once the LED display indicates that your selected temperature has been reached, inhale and enjoy!